Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (for *NIX OS)

So I finally found a good file system reference for the Linux OS that helps me understand the function of the standard directories.  The entire reference can be found here:

Be prepared. It’s a bit of a dry read. The key table in this for me was the following:


Directory Description
bin Essential command binaries
boot Static files of the boot loader
dev Device files
etc Host-specific system configuration
lib Essential shared libraries and kernel modules
media Mount point for removable media.
mnt Mount point for mounting a filesystem temporarily
opt Add-on applications and software packages
sbin Essential system binaries
srv Data for services provided by this system
tmp Temporary files
usr Secondary hierarchy (user home folders)
var Variable data

Each of these directories are discussed in greater detail in the source document.  In future entries I’ll discuss them one by one as I learn more about each.

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