Determine the account used to map a network drive

Today someone approached me about a windows network drive that could not be reconnected because the user account that was used to map the network drive was locked out.  The problem was that nobody could remember which account was used, and with the number of people in our organization there could be quite a few accounts locked out at any one time. 

Rather than sort through a list of locked out users and hope that one rang a bell, I thought it would be easier to just see which account was used to map the drive by checking the registry.  As an example, assume that I have mapped drive Z: to the following path…


And that I used the following credentials to map it…


Now lets assume that I forgot which account I used.  I simply open REGEDIT and perform a search for the UNC path.  After a moment the search will take me to a registry key called “Z” beneath the SID key for the logged in user.  Basically that looks something like this:


Beneath the Z key you’re going to find several STRING (REG_SZ) and DWORD (REG_DWORD) values.  You want to look for the UserName STRING value, which indicates the name of the account that is used to map the drive.

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