The Wunder of PowerShell: Posting to Wunderlist

I thought I’d mill out a quick post during lunch for any fellow Wunderlist users.  If you’re not using Wunderlist then you should look into it.  It is, by far, my favorite task manager to date (and I’ve tried most of them).  One feature that I really like is the ability to email yourself a task and have it land in your inbox.  This is a feature available in some of the other task managers out there as well, so the code below could be refit to work with other systems.  Specifically, I wanted a way to quickly shoot off a task to my Wunderlist inbox from PowerShell.  To do this, I added the following function to my profile.ps1 file:

function WUNDER
    $to = ""
    $from = bsweeney@sweeneyops.lab
    $subject = " "
    $smtpserver = "mail.sweeneyops.lab"
    send-mailmessage -to $to -from $from -body $body -subject $subject -smtpserver $smtpserver

Now, whenever I want to send a task to myself, I simply type the following from PS:

PS C:\> wunder "Some task I want to perform"

And it will be in my inbox waiting for me to sort into a task list the next time I check Wunderlist.

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